Youtube & Co.: how much and what do Germans watch online?


The CONVERGENCE MONITOR 2021, which the market research institute Kantar surveys on behalf of AGF Videoforschung every year, confirms how the Internet consumption in Germany is heavy on videos: Germans consume video content a third of the time.


Basis: German-speaking persons 14-69 years, 58.297 million, n=1,569; data in percent
Source: AGF Videoforschung in cooperation with Kantar: “Convergence Monitor 2021”.

Internet means video?

The 14- to 29-year-olds consume over 40 per cent of their time watching video. Among 30- to 49-year-olds it is a 35 per cent. In older target groups (50+), video consumption has declined slightly again after a strong Corona effect last year – but overall, online moving image use has stabilised.

What type of video, and where?

Video clips (53%, used at least once a month) continue to be very popular, followed by videos via social networks (45%). Among users who watch video clips/videos free of charge via social networks at least once a month, YouTube is by far the number one platform – however, at 85%, the network has fallen well below the 90% mark (2020: 91%).

Tik Tok and Twitch compete with the bigger players.
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Basis: users at least 1x per month, n = 964

Youtoube needs to confront with new competitors: TikTok came in at number 5 in the first-time survey with 16 per cent, while Twitch is reported at 5 per cent. Videos via WhatsApp are stable at 69 per cent, Facebook at 55 per cent (up 2 percentage points).

The report

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