News media in Germany: big publishers, news startups, numbers and case studies.

Between conservatism, tradition and rule-breakers: it has never been so exciting to watch how news media in Germany evolve. Later than other countries (for instance: the Scandinavian), German news media have embraced digital and digital subscriptions as the most promising business model. They have the advantage of the big local market size: publishers like Springer could become top global players. Others – e.g. Der Spiegel and Die Zeit – worked hard to become digital-first publishers. Less known outside of Germany: the regional and over regional news publishers are fighting back against the global crisis of local news. Also interesting: the newcomer and the unexpected innovators, often coming from the East. In Germany, since the last few years, several news media startups have launched and thrived. This section showcases, one by one, many of these news startups.

German magazine media by the numbers.

  Nov 26, 2021
450 publishing houses, over 7,000 brands, thousands of websites: Germany has one of the most diverse and richest magazine landscapes in the world.

E-paper readers and their habits.

  Nov 25, 2021
With steady growth in e-paper readership, Germany is one of the countries where the digital editions of daily and weekly newspapers have more success. 2020 was a peak year, but the trend is

This section covers

  • Newspaper publishers of germany
  • National newspapers in germany
  • News portals from germany
  • Germany top news publishers
  • Germany’s largest news publishing companies
  • German newspapers and weekly newspapers
  • German news market


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