Media technology and innovation in Germany.

In this section, Media Republiks selects and showcases media technology made in Germany and innovating publishers and companies, big players and startups. We guide you to explore who is innovating and where, how public bodies promote and support media innovation, how much and where big media companies invest. The focus is not only on media technology but also on editorial and business model innovation, including membership models and the convergence between new media and the creator economy.

Reddit comes to Germany.

  Jan 11, 2022
Reddit has opened offices in Germany: this is the first expansion into a non-English speaking country, and a strategic one. What will 2022 look like for the social network that promises to be

Media Innovation Hubs in Germany and Europe: a guide.

  Jan 4, 2022
A not exhaustive guide to the places that promote media innovation and provide opportunities for startups in media technology, journalism and marketing: accelerators, networks, incubators. From Bayern to Brandenburg, from Hamburg to Düsseldorf,

This section covers

  • Media innovation germany
  • Media technology germany
  • Media innovators germany
  • Media trend map
  • German media startups
  • Media labs germany
  • Innovative publishers germany
  • Trends and publishing innovation
  • Open publisher germany


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