Media policy, debates
and the ongoing tension with big tech.

Big tech, data management and digital sovereignty: the Bruxelles debates are also the Berlin debates. German publishers often have an ambiguous relationship with platforms. For instance, Springer cooperates with Facebook, while publishers promote a collective action to claim money from it. The relationship with Google is the best example of what a “frenemy” is, in Germany, too. This section selects the media debates that matter and delivers a drone view of what is the media and the politics in Berlin discuss and do.

Media consumption data 2021: audio content.

  Nov 30, 2021
Radio, podcasts, audiobooks. Germany is a country of listeners, but there is still room for growth. Data and trends 2021 from the Pro7Sat1 Media Activity Guide.

Media consumption data 2021: online.

  Nov 30, 2021
Online media consumption data from the Media Activity Guide by SevenOneMedia: almost all Germans are online. Video drives consumption, and TV triggers online searches. The pandemic increased the news consumption, also via social

Media consumption data 2021: TV & video.

  Nov 29, 2021
More video watch time, more non linear TV, but also first signs of saturation of paid VOD and free video online. Data from the annual Media Activity Guide by SevenOneMedia, Q3 2021.

Media consumption 2021: media time and devices.

  Nov 24, 2021
Media usage in Germany reached a new record in 2021. The coronavirus pandemic had a direct effect on media usage. However, the underlying trend was already in action. In this post, the first

This section covers

  • German media policy
  • German media authorities
  • Media legislation in Germany
  • Landesmedienastalt
  • Media and big tech Germany
  • Media debates in Germany
  • Social media news
  • German media laws


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