Media consumption data 2021: audio content.


Radio, podcasts, audiobooks. Germany is a country of listeners, but there is still room for growth. A collection of 2020/21 data from the annual Media Activity Guide by SevenOneMedia, the Audible Listening Compass 2021, the Ad Alliance.







90% of Germans listen to radio via broadcast or online; the consumption time is relatively stable at 100 minutes. 63% listen to music streaming, with an average of 40 minutes of usage per day. Audiobooks and podcasts reach a wider audience, with 38 per cent each.

Music streaming reaches a great mass of listeners.

Nearly two-thirds of the population now listen to music via streaming services such as Spotify, 93 per cent of those in the young age group already use streaming services for music, 71 per cent of these even daily.

Germany is falling in love with podcasts (after twenty years).

Nearly 38 per cent of 14- to 69-year-olds already use podcasts. That represents a growth of 55 per cent in just two years. Audible Germany estimated their number at 26 million in 2020, with a projected over 30 million in 2021.

The average dwell time – the amount of time a user spends on podcasts – totals around 47 minutes per day. Podcasts are popular among those under 30 years of age, but all age groups are starting to listen to podcasts.

Compared to the podcast market, the audiobook market – which has a longer history in Germany – is quieter: classics such as Harry Potter, read by Rufus Beck, and the works of the Israeli scholar Yuval Noah Harari dominate the charts for many months. Among podcast productions, on the other hand, new formats are constantly fighting for the top spots.

Source: Audible Hörkompass 2021. Download PNG

Spotify is the most popular podcast platform in Germany

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Proportion of respondents who listen to podcasts via the following apps or providers.

Source: Ad Alliance

News, crime, coronavirus. What formats do Germans listen to?

Most German listeners look for news formats, the most popular topic being currently the coronavirus. Comedy formats follow behind the hard facts, with around one in two listeners. American podcasts benefit from the English language, which also influences popular topics. One example is the trend towards true-crime formats, which always take some places among the ten most-listened-to podcasts in the Apple charts in Germany. In the world, the most successful shows are crime formats

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Since 2020, the Coronavirus Pandemic has shaped the podcast listening preference in Germany.

Source: Bitkom.

Where is the growth heading to?

According to data from the leading audio streaming providers, most listeners are between 20 and 50 years old. Podcasts have so far been mainly an academic phenomenon. That shows how great the market potential still is. In a global comparison, Germany is lagging: 3/4 of the German population does not yet listen to podcasts.

Source: Statista Global Consumer Survey 2021

Anyone looking for where Germany might be heading in the coming years should look to Scandinavia. Nowhere do so many people listen to podcasts as often and for so long as in Sweden. Every fifth person there listens to the programmes for up to 5 hours a week. Latin America is also in love with podcasts, especially in Brazil, where podcasts reach almost every second citizen.

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The Media Activity Guide 2021.

The MEDIA ACTIVITY GUIDE comprehensively documents the use of media content across all available platforms, access channels and end devices. The survey, commissioned by SevenOne Media together with Discovery Communications, covers four weeks and is issued every year. For this MEDIA ACTIVITY GUIDE 2021, a total of 3,021 people aged 14 and over were interviewed by telephone (CATI / dual frame share 30 percent) by FORSA on all weekdays in March 2021. The study also includes current surveys from the media usage study VIEW TIME REPORT. The VIEW TIME REPORT examines the development of moving image use in Germany on a quarterly basis and forms the average of the previous four quarters for the rolling wave view.

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