Supermarkets: the best sales channel for the German press.


Not the kiosk, nor the bookshop: with 2.2 billion euros turnover, the strongest sales channel for press products in Germany are the supermarkets. This and other data comes from a factbook released for the grocery trade by the Association of German Magazine Publishers (VDZ) in November 2021.

The press assortment is an important product segment in the German retail trade.

Germans still love the press: 64 percent buy newspapers or magazines. They buy an average of 15 magazines per person per year and spend around 2.2 billion euros on them in the retail trade. More than for apple juice, toothpaste or laundry detergent.

People buy, where thy find the press. People that by press, by more and more often.

32% of press buyers are more likely to buy food and daily necessities where they can also get their preferred magazine or newspaper.

People who read magazines or newspapers go shopping more often than non-press buyers. Press buyers offer retailers up to 42 more contacts per year and thus sales opportunities. Press buyers spend up to 61 euros more per month on everyday consumer goods. And that is even before the actual press sales.

The press shelf contributes to the economic success of the food retail trade.

The press segment generates an average of 8,700 euros in turnover per square metre and year in German food retailing. This is more than, for example, confectionery or drugstore goods can generate per square metre.

The full report: Press and local Trade.

It is part of an initiative to inform and expand the trade relationship with the grocery market sector. The report and the correlated website: “Press sales” (Presse verkauft) launched in 2H 2021.

KEy facts about the Association of German Magazine Publishers

VDZ (Association of German Magazine Publishers) represents the common interests of 500 German Consumer and B2B publishers, with 14.5 billion in revenues and 60,000 employees. VDZ’s 500 members represent around 90 per cent of the Germany’s magazine media sector.

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