Books and ebooks in Germany.

Germany is Europe largest book market and the home for some of the largest book publishers worldwide: think of Bertelsmann, owner of Penguin Random House, but also Springer Nature, which is the global leader in scientific and academic publishing. As all other book markets, Germany is experiencing a profound transformation: ebooks, audiobooks, and the blurring lines between media and the competition between local bookshops and digital marketplaces. make it a “market worth watching”.

The 2021 bestselling books in Germany.

  Jan 10, 2022
The book sales numbers and the bestselling books of 2021 in Germany, plus some data about the impact of the pandemic on reading behaviour.

The German book market in December 2021.

  Jan 3, 2022
December 2021 has been a refreshing month for the German book market, not only better than the 2020 pandemic winter, but also outperforming 2019.

The German book market in November 2021.

  Dec 8, 2021
In the second Corona winter, the November book sales across all distribution channels increased slightly compared to November 2020, but still under the pre-pandemic level.

The German book market in October 2021

  Nov 4, 2021
Year on year comparison: the Fall of 2020 saw a recovering book market after the first Corona spring, which would have only slowed down later with the second hard lockdown from mid-December.

This section covers

  • German book publishers
  • Ebook market in Germany
  • The audiobooks segment
  • German book stats and reports
  • Monthly book sales data
  • Publishing strategies
  • Independent German publishers
  • German book fairs
  • Book consumption in Germany
  • Publishing case studies
  • Publishing digital technology
  • German publishing startups


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