Media in Germany: there is more under the hood.

By the numbers, Germany is the largest media market in Europe. Some German publishers are global leaders in their business: Bertelsmann, Axel Springer. Yet, there is more under the hood. 

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Media Republik is your companion guide to exploring the german media: innovations, trends, players and gamechangers. Have access to a curated selection of numbers, data, reports and researches relevant to an international audience. Keep your finger on the pulse with the weekly newsletter. 

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Media about media often fill their pages with “media critique”: gossip, insider news, announcements about hirings and promotions. Media Republik does a different job: it believes in empiricism and focuses on the fundamentals. It selects, curates and connects the dots with data-driven briefings.

We publish many links to newspapers, magazines, statistical offices, associations and media companies. While we do not take responsibility for the content by third parties, we commit to never putting sources we did not check before, to ensure they are authoritative and trustful.

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