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Media consumption data 2021: audio content.

  Nov 30, 2021
Radio, podcasts, audiobooks. Germany is a country of listeners, but there is still room for growth. Data and trends 2021 from the Pro7Sat1 Media Activity Guide.

The unstoppable rise of podcasts.

  Nov 25, 2021
After video-on-demand in 2020, in 2021 digital audio content won the trophy for the strongest increase in usage. Not only has the number of podcasts increased rapidly in recent years, the number of listeners of podcasts is also growing rapidly.


Reddit comes to Germany.

  Jan 11, 2022
Reddit has opened offices in Germany: this is the first expansion into a non-English speaking country, and a strategic one. What will 2022 look like


The 2021 bestselling books in Germany.

  Jan 10, 2022
The book sales numbers and the bestselling books of 2021 in Germany, plus some data about the impact of the pandemic on reading behaviour.

The German book market in December 2021.

  Jan 3, 2022
December 2021 has been a refreshing month for the German book market, not only better than the 2020 pandemic winter, but also outperforming 2019.

The German book market in November 2021.

  Dec 8, 2021
In the second Corona winter, the November book sales across all distribution channels increased slightly compared to November 2020, but still under the pre-pandemic level.


Challenges and expectations of the newspaper industry for 2022.

  Feb 3, 2022
The German newspaper industry is expecting a further shift in business to digital content that will more than compensate for the loss of paper sales revenues. This says the Newspapers Trend Survey in its 8th Edition, published in Feb 2022.

Der Spiegel revenues on the rise in 2021, digital the growth engine.

  Dec 15, 2021
In 2020, sales fell because of the Corona crisis. Media houses in Germany struggled with a decline in advertising, as everywhere in the world. At the Spiegel Group, the turnover decline was 11 million euros, the total turnover in 2020 was 256.4 million euros. The


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28 january 2022
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14 january 2022
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7 JANUARY 2022
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